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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Active Dialogue Between Mother And Child

Many times I have experienced that the child was born, so that it in quotes almost no one noticed, as if it were in sleep. This led me to believe that the child knows through some channels, what is happening. Trust is important.

So has the meaning intercede silent tummy? This is important. Talk, sing. Intensify the dialogue. Mother first feels he has something in her belly. This means neuter. Dramatically speaking, it's. At the moment, when mother read that it's you, it's personal. Then there is a conscious active dialogue between mother and child. This means that for her being in dialogue. It is a transfer from those to first social interaction in one's life.

In which month of pregnancy it happen? Anytime - This transfer is not dependent on the structural development of the child, from what everything has already developed. I say that all the features are present from the very beginning, just evolving, changing in quantity, so it can happen anytime.
From the first day, from the first week and first month - Ideally, when a child is loved, and this applies already prenatal child. How we treat the child, the child will be treated with the world. Are you pregnant? First, changing your mental - Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood mean to a woman a big life change, not only physical but also mental. Changing not only her body, but under the influence of hormones also happens to psychological changes.
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