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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Healthy breakfast - Password to the ideal weight

The desire to reach an ideal body or slim is the dream of many men and women, how can access that less effort and less cost, and to live a normal life.
A physiotherapist, and a member of the Egyptian Society for the Study of Obesity, said that breakfast is the first gate of the crossing towards the appropriate weight and even reduce weight in cases suffering from obesity or overweight.

Amanda Leto the author of FIBROIDS MIRACLE REVIEW emphasized that the waiver for breakfast on the pretext that there is no time for breakfast leads to the feeling of hunger multiplier after the beginning of the work a few hours, and thus raises the proportion of the body's response to the secretion of the hormone insulin in large quantities when you eat any food in this period, and thus increases the chance of the accumulation of fat in the body.
She names that eating breakfast boosts healthy choices of foods throughout the day, if that rule is fragile food then your plan will collapse healthy food throughout the day.

She pointed out that eating breakfast full of nutrients different, proteins and dairy products, vitamins and minerals, as well as eat a little of sugars and fats leads to raise the degree of energy in the body and raise the physical ability to work throughout the day works to stimulate the cracking of glycogen, a source of direct power in the muscles then your muscles working efficiently throughout the day.
The breakfast can reach up to 500 calories and even comes in sometimes even 700 calories in the morning for as long as that person works immediately after breakfast, and spend the day at work.
And advised the names of the reduction of the proportion of sugars and not prevent it in the breakfast because this increases the chance of hunger immediately after, and this leads to the opening of appetite and weight gain, as he likes to B contains a large number of elements while minimizing sugars and fats in it.

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