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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The idea is to spend Time with Cancer

The idea is to spend time with cancer and then to see how cancer cells respond to all these different substances. Sensor kinds of therapeutic alternatives in contact with them Eventually we hope to able to find out which treatment is best for a particular type of cancer and how this cancer manifests itself in a specific patient needs. "

The sensor containing various anticancer drugs (here numbered from T1 to T42)
 You can see the sensor at the top of this article in 3D.  Image: Ivan Stove, Arden Pit, Richard BM Short, Michel German, Frieda Magee & Leon WMM Trepan.
The sensor containing various anticancer drugs (here numbered from T1 to T42)
 You can see the sensor at the top of this article in 3D. Image: Ivan Stoves, Arden Pit, Richard BM Schertz, Michel German, Frieda Magee & Leon WMM Tarpon.
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Benefits Such personal cancer has obvious advantages. "The biggest advantage is that therapies that are now being used and also attack healthy cells will hopefully be unnecessary. In addition, I can imagine that a targeted therapy more effective and ultimately cheaper. "


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Monday, 10 February 2014

If you have a child with Sickle Cell Disease? - John Barban

Auto Map means that it is a non-sex-linked disorder: men and women have an equal chance of inheriting it from their parents. This is because it is not abnormal gene on the chromosome that the sex of the child is determined.

Recessive means that both your parents are carriers of the defective gene must be: you only get sick if you inherit the defective gene from both your parents (homozygous). If you are a carrier of a defective gene (heterozygous) then you are not sick and you will not get sickle cell disease. But you can do this defective gene on to your own children.
If you have a child with sickle cell disease?

Only if both you and your partner are both carriers of sickle cell, you have a child with sickle cell disease. The chance of that is 25% (1 in 4) with each pregnancy. The chance that your child does not have sickle cell disease and no carrier is 25%.
If you have sickle cell disease itself (and thus have two defective genes) and your partner is a carrier (with a defective gene), then there is a chance of 50% to get. having a child with sickle cell disease

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Wives Prefer their Partner to be thin in the Intimate Cohabitation

A study of Brazilian modern that the wife would prefer to have her partner thin in cohabitation intimate, as explained doctors specialists in sexually transmitted diseases in the hospital, the man who keeps the big muscles suffer from sexual problems as opposed to what is common, and comes on ED top of that, the non-completion of cohabitation and the man feeling upset.

The doctors confirmed that the magnitude of the muscle is not always sexual health guide, although this may be a guide physical health in general. The study showed that large muscles inhibit blood flow to the genital area when the man who owns the big muscles.

The brief report of these doctors that I have a question about 500 women around the world via the Internet, 69% indicated to them that the man who owns the big muscles are unable to exercise full sexual relationship, signs that most of them feel more tired than ordinary men.
The report also added that bodybuilders train various muscles of the body, forgetting that the genital area in males perish with the growing muscle in other parts of the body.

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Strength Exercises To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Your secret weapon to get rid of excess weight is the force in the sport. Adding strength training or resistance to your daily activity will help you to build muscle and burn large amounts of calories before and during your exercise sports, according to fitness experts.
According to John Barban the author of Venus Factor Scam, women who are accustomed to exercise strength exercises managed to increase metabolic rate (calories needed by the body to practice different activities throughout the day) to 16 hours after exercise.
Exercise 1:
Squat exercises using weights
Steps Exercise:
1 - Nationalist to bring a pair of weights so that they are at shoulder level. Exercise is performed in a standing position and there must be a distance of about 20 cm between the feet.
2 - National pay thighs toward the floor cross-legged on the body while retaining the integrity chest without curvature and not to change the site.
3 - Go back to the starting point in the same order and then lift the national above the head. Repeat the exercise 15 times max. 
Exercise 2:
Exercise using weights
1 - Nationalist carry and progressive left your foot forward and knees bent so that the left thigh is parallel with the floor. In the meantime, raise your chest toward straight position. Repeat the exercise with the other side.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Seven types of Basic Spices to Lose Weight in the Winter

When you're choosing to spice dishes winter, you would like to choose species that help you to feel the warmth and working to lose weight. Choosing the right spice to winter dishes will not only help you to prepare your favorite recipes, but it also will allow you to lose pounds of excess weight.
1. Onion powderThe basic onion powder throughout the year, but it is certainly a necessary spice to winter dishes. It is also great because it always be handy when you are abroad or you do not have fresh onions. You can keep sufficient quantity of them in your kitchen cupboard, because the onion helps in weight loss and detoxification. So you can get a meal with a wonderful taste and few calories at home by adding onion powder.
2. Black pepperIt is necessary to have black pepper throughout the year. If you want to add a wonderful taste of the soup and sauce in the winter, the black pepper is all what you need! John Barban Scam also stressed that the hiring of black pepper is the best way to get rid of excess weight as it increases the body temperature and causes sweating what make it a great way to lose weight. To maintain the fresh taste of black pepper, you can keep beans, black pepper, and then crushed to get fresh pepper powder.
3. CinnamonThe cinnamon has a very distinct flavor. So it can be added to drinks or desserts or dishes containing curry. There is cinnamon in powder form or in the form of rods. The cinnamon proven to lose weight, as it helps to create a chemical reaction within the body which helps to increase the speed of metabolism. You can put some cinnamon sticks in a glass of fruit juice or hot cocoa to get a taste wonderful.
4. NutmegNutmeg is the spice of the best in the winter. Distinctive sweet very impressive in the cold months, as it is very convenient for the stomach and resist flatulence.

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Obese People Need More Food For The Feeling Of Satiety

American researchers said, that the people who suffer from an increase in weight may need to eat more food to feel satiety, even after losing some weight, because accustomed to eat foods rich in fat stomach always damaging. The researchers found that of the University of Adelaide nerves of the stomach, which sends satiety signals to the brain seem useless allergies permanently after the consumption of foods rich in fat for a long time. The study also showed, according to the newspaper / Daily Telegraph / UK, that diets high in fat and destroy the function of the hormone lepton, which alters the sensitivity of the nerves of the stomach and regulate the amount of food we eat.

The author of Amanda Leto Review about Fibroids Miracle Program said the study, said that the meeting of these two mechanisms together mean that obese people need to eat more food to feel satiety, which in turn makes their own cycle of obesity continue. They pointed out that the nerves of the stomach does not return to normal after the return to a normal diet, and this means that a person would need to eat more before feeling the same degree as the one natural satiety.
The researchers explained that this study comes in the context of an attempt to discover the reasons to keep a very small number of people on weight after following systems to lose weight, and added that the study results carry "signals a very strong" for people obese and who are trying to lose weight, and also seeking to install their weight after following a diet.

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mild Exercises for Slimming Before the Wedding

Even fit and agile integrated in your wedding day, in order to wear your dress beautiful white you have to do some exercises that, and make the best shape of your hands, and these exercises are:
The first exercise: Carry two bottles containing a liter and a half of water in your hands and stand in a position of moderate hands stretched out fully to the bottom, then raise your hands to touching or even your shoulders, and national in the third step and to the top.
Try this exercise for 15 times over a period of 10 days and then try to increase five times the exercises each week until they become 25 to 30 times a month, and you'll notice that you are burning up fat and muscle became more severe in Up heaped hand.
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Exercise Two: Hold in your right hand vial containing liter and a half of water, and then a national extended hands down straight, and in the second step unfold your arms forward to a horizontal position, then to behind your back as much as possible and are stretched out, after the experience of this exercise for 10 times, fry a bottle of water from your right hand to your left hand, then repeat the steps to the first exercise, i.e., take off your hands to touch your shoulder, then fully towards the top, and a national bend your forearms down to reach your hands towards the shoulder.
Repeat this process for 10 to 20 times a day for a period of a month to get the full up heaped tight wedding day.
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Electronic patch to treat snoring

Some suffer from the issuance of the sound of snoring during sleep, known as sleep when we unfold the muscles. This does not constitute a problem for the majority of people and keep the airways open partially, but the interruption of breathing during sleep for 10 seconds at least cause vibration when the air collides with the soft tissue, which prevents the passage leading to the sound of snoring.
Reduce the salt helps to get rid of snoring
Because this phenomenon is disturbing for couples, especially women, we assure them that he could end the problem of snoring dressing placed under the palate during sleep.
It was the development of the patch for the treatment of sleep apnea due to the closing of the airways as a result of energizes the muscles in the larynx, thus cutting breath, containing patch advanced technological posted battery-powered function transfer electrical signals to a small device that is no longer than the promises of sulfur implanted under the tongue, and then transporting these signals to Instructions implanted device activates hypoglossal nerve responsible for activating the muscles surrounding the larynx.
Activate and cause muscle contraction and pulled the tongue forward and thus open the airways.
Snoring causes heart attacks more than smoking and obesity
When the brain realizes that the process stopped breathing sends a signal to the muscles of the larynx tells her to return to the crunch, causing wake the sleeper, and if you leave sleep apnea untreated, it can increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks.
One of the reasons other risk weight gain because of accumulated grease around the neck can put pressure on the muscles, causing the closure of the flat airways.

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Healthy breakfast - Password to the ideal weight

The desire to reach an ideal body or slim is the dream of many men and women, how can access that less effort and less cost, and to live a normal life.
A physiotherapist, and a member of the Egyptian Society for the Study of Obesity, said that breakfast is the first gate of the crossing towards the appropriate weight and even reduce weight in cases suffering from obesity or overweight.

Amanda Leto the author of FIBROIDS MIRACLE REVIEW emphasized that the waiver for breakfast on the pretext that there is no time for breakfast leads to the feeling of hunger multiplier after the beginning of the work a few hours, and thus raises the proportion of the body's response to the secretion of the hormone insulin in large quantities when you eat any food in this period, and thus increases the chance of the accumulation of fat in the body.
She names that eating breakfast boosts healthy choices of foods throughout the day, if that rule is fragile food then your plan will collapse healthy food throughout the day.

She pointed out that eating breakfast full of nutrients different, proteins and dairy products, vitamins and minerals, as well as eat a little of sugars and fats leads to raise the degree of energy in the body and raise the physical ability to work throughout the day works to stimulate the cracking of glycogen, a source of direct power in the muscles then your muscles working efficiently throughout the day.
The breakfast can reach up to 500 calories and even comes in sometimes even 700 calories in the morning for as long as that person works immediately after breakfast, and spend the day at work.
And advised the names of the reduction of the proportion of sugars and not prevent it in the breakfast because this increases the chance of hunger immediately after, and this leads to the opening of appetite and weight gain, as he likes to B contains a large number of elements while minimizing sugars and fats in it.

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